The viral trends of the week – ‘Pawri Hori Hai’ & ‘Your Mic is on Shweta’

As the penetration of the internet is reaching the corners of the world it’s getting unpredictable what can go viral on social media. This week we have witnessed two such trends which are taking the internet by storm. The Pakistani girl Dananeer Mobeen who made the headlines with ‘Pawri Hori Hai’ video, became an overnight social media sensation. Internet and social media platforms are flooded with her videos and recreation of her videos. She was with her friends and was enjoying an outdoor party where she shot a random video to inform her followers. The video is too simple to caught massive attention. She says ‘Ye humari car hai, ye hum hai aur ye humari pawri hori hai’ (This is our car, here we are and our party is going on). That’s it!

Yashraj Mukhate took this trend to another level by releasing his musical version which went viral and still standing at the 33rd spot on the YouTube trending chart. Released last week on Friday, the video has crossed over 22 million views in just one week. While the people were enjoying #PawriHoriHai trend, last night another video took Twitter by storm. A video of an online class leaked in which a girl named ‘Shweta’ accidentally left her mic on and over 111 people including a teacher and fellow students heard her conversation with friend Radhika.

It was a usual ‘Girl Talk’ where Shweta was sharing interesting gossip about a Pandit boy whom she is dating. The boy had shared the secrets of a past relationship and Shweta was discussing the same with Radhik. The whole conversation is full of awkward moments and her fellow mates continuously shouting that ‘Your mic is on Shweta’. But she was so much involved in the gossip that she didn’t even notice that she is all set to deliver viral content for social media platforms. Twitter still can’t get over with this as last night it was trending #Shweta and today it’s been hours since #YourMicIsOnShweta is trending. Digital creators have started making memes and people also expressing their concern for the Pandit boy whom trust Shweta broke. The real identity of Shweta and the Pandit boy has not been revealed and as a responsible social media user, we believe it should not be revealed at all. It’s just for entertainment purpose and should not harm anyone’s reputation.

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