71% of single Indians prefer to establish trust through online chats: survey

A new study by andwemet, an online matchmaking service for Urban Indians living in and or overseas, has revealed interesting insights on how long couples wait before establishing exclusivity in a new relationship. According to the survey, 83% of the respondents believe in discussing the relationship exclusivity status while 17% think that a new relationship becomes official post 5 dates.

Speaking on the survey trends, Shalini Singh, Founder, andwemet said,” Getting into a new relationship can be fun and emotionally exhausting at the same time. It is important for new couples to discuss the expectations from a relationship instead of assuming to avoid any misunderstanding.”

The survey which was conducted across 1000 Urban Indians users between age groups (25 – 50 years) revealed that Indians would prefer more time to get to know each other better before labeling their relationships. 49% of respondents said they would like to date for a minimum of 6 months before making their relationship official. While, 17% of respondents believed that increased frequency in seeing each other indicates exclusive dating has likely already been established, and they assume their relationship is official just after 5 dates.

The survey also found that post-pandemic, 71% of single Indians prefer to establish communication and trust through online or text message conversations before physically meeting the person. 31% of respondents chose emotional intimacy over physical intimacy as an important parameter to have the exclusivity talk.

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