Wedding During Lockdown: Rachit Rojha & Sibbu Giri marriage turned out to be a publicity stunt

Popular influencers and YouTubers Rachit Rojha and Sibbu Giri recently made the headlines of their wedding as both shared some pictures on their social media handles which went viral. Fans and followers got excited and their social media was flooded with congratulation and best wishes messages. However, neither of them confirmed or mentioned that they are actually got married and left the fans in doubt.

Regarding the queries, fans had about the couple’s marriage, Sibbu Giri posted this, on her YouTube community tab with a picture with rumored husband: ‘Hey cuties, Sb question ke answer 2 din baad milenge’. But, it turned out to be just a publicity stunt as yesterday Rachit Rojha released a new video titled ‘Wedding During Lockdown’ in collaboration with Sibbu Giri. It seems the strategy of creating a buzz for the latest video has worked in the favour of the YouTubers as people actually believed that they got married.

After the release of the video, Rachit clarified about the rumor on social media and confirmed that those were just some stills for the now released video. Both creators have collaborated for their channel videos in past as well, surprisingly those videos are based on the topic of marriage only. But this type of promotion was not done earlier and it seems that the promotional strategy worked as they got attention from media and currently, the video is trending at the number 1 spot on the YouTube chart with over 1.1 million views in about 23 hours. Both Rachit Rojha and Sibbu Giri have a good number of subscribers on YouTube and Instagram followers.

Rachit is a Delhi born Indian YouTuber who uploads comedy videos. He currently has over 5.3 million subscribers and 387k Instagram followers whereas, Sibbu Giri from Haryana has over 1.3 million subscribers and 209k Instagram followers.

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