From Coffin dance to Binod: Here is the 2020 top memes rewind

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the year 2020 created history with complete lockdown in the majority of countries. But we have witnessed a huge surge in online content consumption and creativity of the content creators touched new heights. The year will be remembered for social media trends and viral memes. Many came and passed by but few were so impactful that click the mind at the very moment. As the year is reaching towards its end, and 2021 is about to begin, let’s have a look at the most viral social media meme trends of 2020 which kept us smiling and entertained all along.


Not just the biggest social media trend but also the most tweeted one on Twitter. ‘Binod’ was just a random comment on Slayy Point YouTube channel’s video which was done by a user named ‘Binod Tharu’. This became a trend after the creators of the channel made a video on weird comments and included this one. This became a trend overnight and the most viral meme material of 2020.

Rasode mei Kon Tha

The meme based on the TV show ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ was originally a clip from the show which was turned into a musical comic by Yashraj Mukhate, a sound engeenireing professional and Musician. This meme was widely shared an appreciated by people. Celebs including Guru Randhawa also shared the musical clip which shows how popular it went this year. This musical comic also contributed in Yashraj Mukhate’s Silver and Gold Play Buttons from YouTube.

Coffin Dance

In 2017, a leading UK media outlet’s video report of a group of six dancing pallbearers in Ghana garnered millions of views worldwide thus making the coffin guys famous. Users on social media introduced the footage with a background score from Russian composer and artist Tony Igy called Astronomia and shared the memes widely across the internet amid the pandemic which soon became viral. Even in India, health workers and police danced to the tune to warn the people about pandemic and stay at home.

Bulaati hai magar jaane ka…

A shaayari by Urdu poet Rahat Indori became a meme after the poetry was initially shared on the now banned TikTok. It eventually surfaced on Twitter when a user tweeted what different countries would say to avoid someone vs what Indians would say. The tweet likely sparked the online meme-fest during the Valentine week. This is also one of the earliest memes of 2020.

The Vibing Cat

The meme, which has a ‘vibing’ cat added on a video of a street musician singing and playing the drum, was among the most popular memes of the year. This meme was widely used and the cat vibing made it look more comic with the tune. Turkish street musician and YouTuber ‘Bilal Göregen’ has since come up with other performances, but this one remains his most popular.

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