Checkout Triggered Insaan’s new storytime video- ‘The Haunted Hostel’

Indian Youtuber Nischay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan yesterday uploaded a storytime video on his channel titled ‘The Haunted Hostel’ in which he narrates the horror story of her mother’s hostel when she was in school. With a duration of 8:41 minutes, the video has already crossed over 2.4 million views in about 23 hours of its release and has also got its place on number 5 of the YouTube trending page.

The video starts with Nischay telling how he got the idea for the video from his mother and then also features her giving a brief about the story. She recalls her experience and says that she still gets goosebumps when talking about it. Nischay later continues the video narrating some stories of the hostel and we see his mother between clips sharing her first-hand experience at the hostel.
At the last of the video, Nischay puts the question that if the hostel was really haunted and stories were true, why she(his mother) continued to be there only?

To this she replied, because her father said and apart from that, she got a scholarship so that was the reason. After this, Nischay asks his father about her mother’s stories to which he replies, that is why she still has effects of ghosts on her and she replies that’s why I married the biggest ghost, pointing towards Nischay’s father. The video ends on a funny note.

He had earlier uploaded a storytime video in November as well in which he talked about how he had to spend his birthday eve in the Police station. Nischay is a New Delhi-based YouTuber and PUBG live-streamer known for his commentaries, roasts, rants, and reaction videos, often about Bollywood and media, as well as social media influencers. He currently has a subscriber base of 7.79 million on Youtube and 926k followers on Instagram. Apart from the main channel, his backup channel ‘Live Insaan’ has 4 million subscribers.

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