Check out what Nazma Aapi aka Saloni Gaur has to say about Farmer’s Protest

Saloni Gaur aka Salonayyy’s new video on Farmer’s protest is out now. In this new video Gaur’s popular character Nazma Aapi sharing her views on the ongoing Farmer’s protest. In a very short video of just 57 seconds, she takes a dig at the performance of the Indian Cricket Team in Australia and Farmer’s Protest in Delhi. She also pointed out that it’s allowed to gather public during political rallies but not to protest. The rise of Covid 19 is the same in both scenarios but her idea behind mentioning this is to bring the attention of the people towards rising cases of Novel Corona Virus.

In a very funny way, she mentioned that there was no need to use water cannons on the farmers, perhaps it can be used for engineering students as they don’t bath the whole year. About tear gas, she opined that rather than using the gas, security should have shown last night match to the farmer for the tears. 20 years old social media influencer, Gaur is from Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh and currently studying political science and economics at Delhi University. She rose to fame with her mimicry and light-hearted comedy video on social media. At present, she is also hosting a show titled Uncommon Sense on SonyLiv.

Apart from Nazma Appi her popular characters are Pinky Dogra, Kusum Behenji, and Asha Behenji. She has been also praised for mimicry of Kangana Ranaut. She addresses social and contemporary issues through comedy videos using these interesting characters. Currently, she has over 322K subscribers on YouTube, 259K followers on Facebook, 236.2K followers on Twitter, and 532k followers on Instagram.

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