Ricis replaces PewDiePie as the most followed Youtuber on Instagram

Indonesian Youtuber and Influencer named Ria Yunita aka Ricis Official has become the most followed Youtuber on Instagram with 21.6 million followers. Earlier, this tag belonged to the most subscribed individual Youtuber ‘Pewdiepie’ who currently has 21.5 Instagram followers and 100 million Youtube subscribers.


Pewdiepie whose real name is ‘Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’ is Sweden-based Youtuber, comedian, and gamer known for his Let’s Play videos and comedy format videos. While Pewdiepie has over 100 million subscribers, Ricis is a creator with 20 million subscribers.


Another record of Pewdiepie was broken by Indian music label T-Series. Previously, in 2019, an online battle of subscribers started on social media titled, ‘Pewdiepie vs T-Series’ which was there for a long time and T-Series won at last. T-Series is still the most subscribed Youtube channel in the world.

Ricis started uploading videos on YouTube in 2016. She initially posted vlogs featuring her with her friends. Recently, she was criticized for shooting a video outdoors during the quarantine.

Apart from her official channel, she owns “Ricis TV” for the challenge and daily-life videos, and “Rumah Ricis” for cooking videos with a fun angle to it. She initially tried to do things similar to her famous older sister ‘Oki Setiana Dewi’ and become a soap opera actress, but was unsuccessful.

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