The shocking story of YouTuber Gyaani 2.0 attacked by a drunk man

In a shocking incident, YouTuber Abhishek Anand aka Gyaani 2.0 has been assaulted by a drunk man and his family. He has uploaded a video on his channel in which he shared an incident that happened to him while he was out with his friend to shoot a vlog. The video starts with Abhishek showing his injuries and then starts narrating the story in a very light and funny manner as he always does.

The quarrel started after Gyaani had reached near his friend’s house and somebody was reversing his car. On this, Abhishek called the driver to look back before reversing after which the driver came out of the car and grabbed him by the collar. According to the YouTuber, the man was drunk. After this, his friend responded and then people started gathering over there including the family members of the man and Abhishek’s friends. After some time, Gyaani found himself alone on the road beaten badly, and went back home.

He shared this on his Instagram story as well. At the end of the video, he tells the audience not to indulge in fights and ends it on a positive note. Gyaani 2.0 is a Delhi based Youtuber and influencer who uploads daily videos on his channel and also creates songs for his audience. He mostly covers current affairs or trending topics but does vlogs as well.

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