Another clash of YouTubers: Hindustani Bhau replies to Peepoye

YouTuber and former Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Fhatak aka Hindustani Bhau has replied to Youtuber Peepoye through an IGTV video after he talked about Bhau in one of his videos. Bhau can be seen talking about the Youtuber in his same old way and replying to Peepoye’s remarks.

Earlier, Peepoye had made a video that had ‘Exposing Hindustani Bhau’ in its title. The video was about how Bhau uses nationalism for fame and also included clips of his previous videos. This video also mentioned how Bhau uses celebrities and makes comments on them to maintain his fame.

Peepoye aka Aakash Gupta is a Youtuber with over 300k subscribers and over 1k Instagram followers. Whereas, Hindustani Bhau is a popular influencer who earlier had a Youtube channel and currently has over 61k followers on his new Instagram account as his Instagram account was previously discontinued by Instagram due to the promotion of hate speech. Last year, Hindustani Bhau also appeared in a reality show called, “Big Boss”, hosted by Salman Khan. It was the most successful season of the show till today.

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