Gaurav Chaudhary to giveaway 12 iPhone12 as Technical Guruji turns 5

Technical Guruji of Gaurav Chaudhary has completed 5 years and to celebrate 5th-anniversary Chaudhary has decided to giveaway iPhone 12 to 12 lucky subscribers. He expressed his excitement with a heartfelt post on social media with the announcement of giveaway.

He has also shared a 3.48 minutes short video in which he is showing 12 brand new iPhone12 to giveaway to 12 lucky subscribers. He has requested his followers to use #TGFamily and share a message in the comment box. As per his video, he will giveaway these iPhones when his video completes 2 million likes. Yesterday he also shared a tricky tweet in which he just mentioned 121212121212121212121212.

As of now, the video has 144k likes and counting and it’s heading towards the target at a very rapid speed. It seems that within 24 hours TG Family will make this initiative successful and it would be interesting to see who will be the 12 lucky winners to win these latest iPhones.

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